Self-lubricating plain bearings made of PAN®-GF

We have designed, manufactured and delivered PAN®-GF plain bearings since the beginning of the 1960’s.

They have proven to be successful in service, and stemming from the use of PAN bronzes, they are characterized by high wear resistance, insensitivity to impact loading, low start-up friction coefficients, stick-slip reduced sliding, corrosion resistance, and freedom of mainte­nance/low maintenance.

plain bearings

PAN®-GF plain bearings are manufactured in various designs:

  • radial bearings (bushes and half bearings)
  • axial thrust bearing (complete rings and half bearings)
  • guide bearings
  • spherical plain bearings
  • sliding plates
  • guide strips
  • sliding blocks
  • bearing segments

Group differentiation

There are four different categories of materials whose significance depends on their tribological properties.
The selection of material is always a compromise between the bearing properties (wear resistance, seizure resistance and friction) and maximum load capacity.

group 1 - lead-containing, soft bronzes

Group 1

lead-containing, soft bronzes with excellent bearing properties but low load capacity